Plymouth Computer Doctor Virus Statistics

Since 1st January 2002, Plymouth Computer Doctor has collected and analysed data about the numbers of viruses present on customers' computers within the Plymouth, Devon area of the UK. The table shows the alarming increase in the presence of viruses in both home and business PCs across Plymouth year on year.

Plymouth Computer Virus Statistics
Year Infected PCs Number Of Infected Files Protected PCs
2002 28% Average of 15 12%
2003 26% Average of 26 14%
2004 37% Average of 48 10%
2005-Present 42% Average of 72 12%

(1) Infected PCs

This column shows how many of the PCs tested during each year were infected with viruses. Most noticeable is the jump in infection numbers during the last two years, showing that computer viruses are an ever increasing problem. Some surveys report small decreases in virus infection numbers during recent months but sadly the number of spyware infections has rocketed. This is probably due to the hackers/virus-writers turning to writing malicious programs from which they can profit rather than cause annoyance.

(2) Average No. Infected Files

This column quantifies the problem of viral infection because it shows how badly the machines were infected. Since 2002 it is clear that the problem of computer viruses has increased because the average number found on tested PCs has consistently risen. This is primarily due to two factors; Firstly, the number of unique viruses continues to increase because virus-writers continue to create new ones, improving on older versions and exploiting newly discovered weaknesses in other software. Secondly, newer viruses are more 'virulent' and once onboard a machine copy themselves many times (thousands of times in the worst cases) infecting as many files as possible. Using this system, the virus writers can ensure that copies of their malicious program remain if one copy is deleted.

(3) Protected PCs

This column shows how many of the PCs tested by Plymouth Computer Doctor are sufficiently protected against the most prevalent online threats of the day. This is perhaps the most worrying data in the table because it shows that despite the massive problems caused by insufficient protection, less than 1 in 9 PCs take full precautions. It must be noted that almost half of PCs tested today do run some form of antivirus program but aren't considered protected for one of the following reasons:

  • Anti-virus software not present/updated.
  • Anti-spyware software not present/updated.
  • 3rd Party Firewall not present/incorrectly configured (Windows XP firewall is insufficient).
  • Running adware programs thought to be legitimate.

The Solution

Despite the prevalence of online threats, there is a way to protect your PC and your data. This is to install a comprehensive, but simple to use security package that will provide the security that you need to safely use the Internet. The installation is straightforward and will be carried out on site by one of our local engineers. We will also give you a step by step, jargon free walk through of the software so that you understand how to make the best use of it. The whole process couldn't be easier, so contact Plymouth Computer Doctor today on 01752 337374 or by clicking here.

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